IT-Expert on Call

IT-Expert on Call

Experience has no substitute
Inexperience carries significant cost and risk.

Cost of Service

Terms of Service

Our initial consultation session will cost you $800.00 minimum where we need to make a comprehensive assessment to properly determine the scope of the work needed. For consultation sessions where travel exceeds 66 kilometers please request a quotation. Once we understand what you have in mind we'll come up with some numbers for you to work with.

For all our clients, a fixed rate Service Level Agreement [SLA, 12 months minimum] is available upon request.
Our hourly rate varies depending on the nature of the work performed during our normal business hours
Monday through Sunday — from 8:00am to 8:00pm

Some examples of our current Service Rates:    
Activity Hourly Rate Incident Rate
Troubleshooting and Diagnostic Service via On-Site visit. $75   
Troubleshooting Help Desk Support via Telephone  [Terms of Telephone Service] $90   
Troubleshooting Help Desk Support via e-mail  [Terms of e-mail Service]   $75
Installation & Configuration service $90  
How-to Application support service: step-by-step examples that may include tips for using a variety of features available in your individual productivity suite of applications $75  
On-Site Training service: Get the most efficient use and enjoyment out of your PC. Receive training in the comfort of your own office or home one lesson at a time on the topics that are important to you! $65  
Data extraction/recovery and archive service $75  
Data migration and Integration service $75  
Data Cleaning and Sanitizing service for decommissioned computers
using the DOD 5220 22 M standard for cleaning and sanitizing
Procurement Service: On a *Pass-Through basis, Product's and/or Part's purchased [and pre-tested in our lab] in support of installation and configuration service $125  
Technical Documentation [i.e: How-to guides] $75  
Website Design, Construction & Deployment $90  
Consulting-ad hock $125  
Consulting-Security [Intrusion Prevention] $175  

For on-site Support and Training engagements a minimum of $45 trip fee will be added to your Invoice. [more info] 

*Pass-Through basis: Where IT-Expert on Call purchases products [and or services] on your behalf and passes the respective costs charged by the vendors [as per invoice or receipts provided] to you for reimbursement.

An incident is defined as one single question or issue that cannot be divided into separate problems. If in our sole discretion we determine that a support request comprises multiple incidents, we will notify you and you may decide whether to pursue some, all, or none of them.

Decide what you need and » e-mail us «  about what you'd like us to do.
We would be delighted to help you decide what you need and what you'd like us to do based on a on-site consultation session.