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Maintenance Service Plan
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Initial Consultation

During the initial visit we will analyze your existing system's capabilities, consult with you to understand your specific needs and deliver a plan within a few days. Once you've accepted our proposal/plan the following actions will be taken during the first month in order to prepare your computer system for efficient scheduled maintenance:

Tech Support Customized for Your Needs

A technologist will arrive at your location on a regularly scheduled basis to solve any current technical issues and answer questions you may have.

IT-Expert on Call will take responsibility for coordinating preventive maintenance, documentation, hardware repairs, printer support, equipment procurement and more. The following actions will be done monthly/quarterly or as needed and as time is available, depending on the number of systems and the maintenance time purchased:

Note that our Computer/Network Maintenance Service Plans are custom tailored to your specific requirements based on our Initial Consultation Session consequently costs will vary depending on the number of systems and the maintenance time purchased. And IT-Expert on Call offers rollover hours for unused time. If, at the end of the year, you have not used all your purchased hours, they will roll over into the next contracted year. You paid for them, You keep them. If you run out of hours, additional hours can be purchased as needed.

Suggested Purchases

  1. PC Matic Anti Virus + Anti Spyware + System Maintenance and Optimization -- Free Performance and Security Scan, Scan Now!
  2. FireTrust's MailWasher Pro for effective e-mail Spam control.
  3. GoodSync For easily backing-up, synchronizing, restoring your important data.
  4. Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS allow your system time to shut down properly in case of power outages
    —this can help to prevent damage specifically to your hard-disk and loss of all important data

Benefits of Using a Maintenance Plan

Note 1: Remote monitoring of your computers and network is available upon request at an additional cost

Note 2: Maintenance Plan articulated hereinabove is only available in The District of Ottawa-Carlton, Ontario Canada. For other Regions Maintenance Plans are available upon request

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Based in Nepean, Ontario, Canada servicing the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton plus we offer remote services within Canada and the Continental U.S.A where broadband internet service is available.

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