IT-Expert on Call

IT-Expert on Call

Experience has no substitute
Inexperience carries significant cost and risk.

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Business Service

Networking your computers can dramatically increase your productivity and enhance your bottom line! But, unless you know what you're doing, maintaining a network can be frustrating! IT-Expert on Call has the solution! We are your part-time, on-call Information Technology Department. You concentrate on your business and we'll take care of the network.

Business Networking and PC services:

Due to the high risk of inadvertent disclosure of Restricted data, peer to peer (P2P) file sharing programs should and must be prohibited on your business computers and networks. In addition, personally owned computers detected with P2P file sharing programs should and must be prohibited from accessing your business network. List of known P2P executables

How your connected home or office is a gift for hackers, criminals, and cyber spies

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