IT-Expert on Call

IT-Expert on Call

Experience has no substitute
Inexperience carries significant cost and risk.

Where INTERNET Security is in constant FOCUS

Intrusion Prevention

Secure your Computing Resources from Phishing, Spyware, viruses', cyberterrorists and cyber thieves.

Prevent cyberterrorists from invading your privacy by gaining access to your computing resources — where you may be storing your Social Insurance Numbers, Bank Account numbers, Credit Card numbers, Tax Roll numbers, Passwords, ATM PIN numbers, financial information, phone numbers, addresses, and other important personal information that may be used to possibly steal your identity. The Home computer is now as vulnerable as the Office computer. Many home and office computers are connected to the Internet 24/7. IT-Expert on Call can provide you with the proper security solution and training that can prevent hackers from gaining access to your vital information.

Our approach is to recognize two essential points. First, security consists of both technology and policy [or discipline] —that is, it's the combination of the technology and how it's used that ultimately determines how secure your systems are. Second, security is a journey, not a destination — it isn't a problem that can be "solved" once and for all - it's a constant series of moves and countermoves between the good guys and the Bad Guys. The key is to ensure that you have good security awareness and exercise sound judgment. Combine great technology with sound judgment, and you'll have rock-solid security.

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