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A Perfect VoIP Shield

Engineered for MikroTik RouterOS Firewall.

voipTIK - "Wow ...its working ...a perfect voip shield" a direct quote from one of our clients

Is your public facing PBX's getting a lot of SIP/VoIP attacks?

If your answer is YES then you need to consider our voipTIK Blacklist service - a perfect voip shield to protect your business and PBX's against VoIP Fraud and minimize the risks of attacks on your Telephony Server.

Currently recording 37,932 IPset entries that cover 40,132 IP Addresses of known attackers

The VoipTIK blacklist is specifically engineered to run on MikroTik Routers like the CHR [Cloud Hosted Router] and CCR's [Cloud Core Router series] utilizing MikroTik's RouterOS Firewall. When using our voipTIK blacklist service - in the MikroTik Firewall - you will need to whitelist all your core servers for all ports, hosted PBX's and Interconnection partners to specific required ports before implementing the drop rule for the voipTIK blacklist. On the Tik Router the voipTIK blacklist is scheduled to update every 4 hours when ipset addresses are triggered for adds/subtractions on a 24/7 365 basis.

Subscription to voipTIK Blacklist Service
is US$90 per year paid via PayPal.

Disclaimer: You may cancel your subscription at any time, all sales are final we do not issue refunds

» e-mail «  Request 30 day Free Trial of voipTIK Blacklist Service

To qualify for the Free Trial please provide us with info as per following example selecting the options relevant to your specific MikroTik Router system.

Example of what information we expect to receive from you:

  1. Your Name: Sam Stone
  2. MikroTik Router's model: Cloud Hosted Router [CHR]
  3. Full Privileged Admin Name: owner=chrvoipsys
  4. File Storage used:
    1. NAND flash memory for file storage: 512MB/128 MB free
    2. CHR virtual memory for file storage: 2GB/1.5 GB free
    3. SSD storage: disk1 256MB/128 MB free
    4. USB memory stick: disk1 8GB/4 GB free
    5. microSD card: disk3 16GB/16 GB free
  5. If single WAN port: ether1
    If Multi-WAN in-interface-list name: lbwanip

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