IT-Expert on Call

IT-Expert on Call

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Personal Website

For an individual a Weblog is a cutting-edge way to express yourself, shareideas and experiences, interests and expertise with others — and uniquely introduce you to the world via the Internet. Your musings, photos, artwork, essays, resume, hobbies, book/music reviews and favorite links can all come together under a central theme, utilizing your own unique design and layout.

We can design and construct your personal Weblog to suit your personality; train you How To maintain it using our recommended Content Management System [CMS] that, with a mouse-click, fully automates the publishing process - and is very easy to use especially for non-technical people. Need more information? e-mail us. By the way, our blogs can incorporate RSS feeds that will auto-magically alert your readership of content additions you've made.

Decide what you need and » e-mail us «  about what you'd like us to do.
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