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Typical VoIP Home Phone Bill

Significant cost savings for Home Phone users! VoIP includes local, long distance, a wealth of features, all inclusive service, and low monthly fees - as low as $7.87 per month as shown below.

Typical VoIP Phone Bill
VoIP Home Phone Service 0.99
e911 Service 1.50
Phone Calls [500 minutes] 5.00
Caller ID 0.00
Voice mail 0.00
3-Way Calling 0.00
Call Waiting 0.00
A wealth of additional features 0.00
Total before taxes 7.49
GST 0.38
Per month: $7.87
Per year: $94.44

Note: Calls are 1 cent per minute within Canada and the USA.

How does YOUR Home Phone bill compare?

Great Features

VoIP Telephony includes Caller ID, Voicemail, 3-Way Calling, Call Blocking, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Caller ID with Name, Last Number Re-dial, Telemarketing Block and Anonymous Call Block plus many more features! With traditional phone service from Bell or Rogers, this could amount to quite a hefty phone bill. With VoIP phone service, these features are included in your service at no extra cost as shown above.

Does your Internet Broadband Service qualify?

My consultation service will help you to successfully transition to VoIP, avoid the pitfalls and enable you to immediately benefit from the significant savings and fast Payback period for your investment.

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Historical Note: As the telegram was replaced by telephony, so too Voice over IP (VoIP) systems are replacing conventional switched wire telephone devices, these systems rely on Internet connectivity for the transmission of voice conversations.

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