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VoIP start-up Costs

My consultation service will help you to successfully transition to VoIP, avoid the pitfalls and enable you to immediately benefit from the significant savings and fast Payback period for your investment.

Consultation Service covers the following

  1. Conduct a Broadband Connection Assessment that measures VoIP quality and performance of your internet connection. The tests I conduct will identify the two main problems of high Jitter [erratic data flow] and packet loss/discards [dropped data]. Determine if your Cable Modem/Gateway/Router is capable of effectively prioritizing VoIP traffic utilizing a shared internet broadband connection. Advise you on the pitfalls to expect and what precautions to take.
  2. Assist You to procure the quality Analogue Terminal Adapter - from online seller. The ATA is a device used to connect one or more standard analog telephones to a digital telephone system used by VoIP.
  3. Assist You to Pick a VoIP Service Provider, Register Accounts, *Fund the VoIP Account, *Submit Line Porting Request that enables you to retain your existing phone number or you may pick a new phone number to use.
  4. Configure VoIP Service provider feature set like voicemail, optional e911 service, SIP registration details to configure the ATA.
  5. When Analogue Terminal Adapter arrives, configure the ATA and web portal to enable connectivity to VoIP Service Provider and confirm service is working properly.
  6. Provide user training that includes VoIP account and web portal management.

Your Total Investment

$ 738.75

Consists of the following

*VoIP Service Provider account funding

$  100.00

VoIP ATA device

$  180.00

Uninterrupted Power Supply
APC Back-UPS Pro 1500VA UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector (BR1500G) for Cable Modem, Router and ATA

$  258.75

Consulting Services [1 through 6]

$ 200.00

*Canadian VoIP Service provider expects account funding payment in US dollars. * If you want to retain your existing phone number the Line Porting Request will cost $10.00 deducted from your funded account upon initiation.

Based on Investment of $738.75

If switching from Bell -- Your Payback period is 10 months
If switching from Rogers -- Your Payback period is 8 months

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