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My consultation service will help you to successfully transition to VoIP, avoid the pitfalls articulated below and enable you to immediately benefit from the significant savings and a fast Payback period for your investment.

VoIP Voice Quality

VoIP depends on many factors: your broadband connection, your hardware, the service provided by your provider, the destination of your call. Some users complain of hearing noise and echo, having to wait a little before hearing an answer. However, if you're broadband connection is good, and you're using quality hardware and a good VoIP Service Provider, your voice quality experience will be excellent.

VoIP is Highly Dependent on Bandwidth

While VoIP does work over a dial-up connection, it is just too slow consequently providing a poor to bad VoIP experience. VoIP requires an Internet Broadband connection to work properly - at minimum the broadband connection should be 10 Mbps Downstream and 1 Mbps Upstream.

Internet Broadband Connection Down

Since VoIP depends on your Internet Broadband connection, if the connection goes down, your phone line goes down as well. With VoIP, no Internet means no phone. However, most people now using VoIP Telephony also have Cell phones - with VoIP, incoming phone calls can be automatically redirected to your Cell Phone in the rare instance the Internet connection is lost.

Poor Internet Broadband Connection

If your Internet broadband connection quality is poor, you will have a very bad VoIP experience.

Shared Internet Broadband Connection

Your Internet broadband connection will probably be also used for other activities like downloads, server connectivity, chat, e-mail, streaming Video like Netflix or YouTube, interactive gaming like Xbox Live etc. VoIP Telephoney will only get a share of your available bandwidth and at peak times can leave inadequate bandwidth for it, causing call quality to deteriorate. Since you may have multiple users, you won't know the number of users which will be online at the same time, so it may be challenging for your existing gear to provide adequate bandwidth in support of all activities for all users. However, shared connection issues can be solved with modern day Internet Gateway/Routers/Cable Modems that incorporate Quality of Service and Bandwidth Management controls that give effective priority to activities like VoIP.

VoIP Needs Power

You need to plug your Cable modem, Router, Analogue Telephone adapter or other VoIP hardware into the electric power supply for it to work. If there is a power interruption, you cannot use your phone unless you're using a Battery Backup System called a UPS [Uninterruptible Power Supply] that can provide 1 to 6 hours of needed power, enough time for your normal power to be restored. My service provides you with a capable UPS as part of your VoIP Start-up Costs.

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