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How to Reset YOUR Xbox 360

Resetting your Xbox 360 will delete and wipe all its contents and restore the console back to its original factory settings. Your Xbox 360 can be formatted using the menu options on your console.

  1. Power on your Xbox console and television.
  2. Navigate to and select “System Settings” from the Xbox Home screen.
    Note that: On some versions of the Xbox 360, you may need to select “Settings,” followed by “System.”
  3. Select “Console Settings.”
  4. Navigate to and select “System Info.”
  5. Write down the serial number of your Xbox console.
    Alternately, you can obtain the serial number from the back of the console itself or from the inside of the oval door located on the front of your console.
  6. Press the “B” button on your Xbox controller two times to return to the System Settings menu.
  7. Navigate to and select “Storage” or “Memory.”
  8. Navigate to “Hard Drive” and press the “Y” button on your Xbox controller. The Device Options menu will display on-screen.
  9. Navigate to and select “Format.”
  10. Select “Yes” when prompted to confirm that you want to delete all content from your Xbox.
  11. Enter the serial number for your Xbox 360 when prompted to by your console.
  12. Select “Done.” Your Xbox 360 will now begin to reset, and restore itself back to its original factory settings.

If you've bought a USED Xbox and it has parental control turned on You will not be able to Reset to Factory Default unless you've been given the pass code. If you've not been given the pass code at time of purchase You will need to get a procedure from Microsoft Xbox Support that will enable you to reset to Factory Default.

Have an Xbox One that needs to be reset? Reset your Xbox One to Factory Default

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