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Network SEPERATION - otherwise known as - network segmentation - in computer networking is the act of splitting a computer network into subnetworks, each being a network segment. Advantages of such splitting are primarily for boosting performance and improving security

Improve network performance and speed

Subnetting or VLAN's enables us to ensure that information remains in the subnet or VLAN network or broadcast domain, which allows other subnets or VLAN's to maximize their speed and effectiveness. Subnetting or VLANing also divides your network’s broadcast domains, enabling you to better control traffic flow, thus increasing network performance.

Because we limit the number of devices on your subnet or VLAN based on their specific function like Gaming or VoIP, Video Streaming etc. along with controlling the traffic flow between subnets or VLAN's -- by doing this we can significantly improve your network’s speed and performance.

Reduce network congestion

Subnetting or VLANing ensures that traffic destined for a device within a subnet or VLAN stays in that subnet or VLAN, which reduces congestion. Through strategic placement of subnets, we can help reduce your network’s load and more efficiently route traffic.

So, what happens to a network with no subnets? Every computer would see broadcast packets from all the computers and servers on the network, resulting in the switches having to move all that traffic to the appropriate ports. This leads to increased congestion, reduced network performance, and slower response times.

However, using a router to move traffic between subnets or VLAN's results in no broadcast traffic or any information that doesn’t need to be routed being moved to other subnets or VLAN's. Because the amount of traffic within each subnet or VLAN is reduced, the speed of each subnet or VLAN is increased, which eases network congestion

Increases Security Options

Most network security appliances work by evaluating traffic between networks. By putting sensitive resources on the same subnet or VLAN as every other user, you make it more difficult to deploy security measures. Separating vital functions into subnets or VLAN's allows us to deploy security measures such as firewalls and Access Control Lists. Firewalls can be configured to ensure that only authorized hosts or other subnets or VLAN's gain access to specific resources like printers, servers, NAS devices , cameras as well as other networks or users.

Why Special purpose network - by creating this type of network segmentation - produces much Superior Performance

Each special network we create for your specific needs will be isolated and secured so as to not interfere with any activity taking place on each special purpose network like the one shown below for example.

Wired and/or Wireless

  1.   LAN1 » secured « for Gaming Consoles
  2.   LAN2 » secured « for Private and Business needs
  3. VLAN1 » secured « for Smart Home monitoring devices
  4. VLAN2 » secured « for Voice over IP Telephony needs
  5. VLAN3 » secured « for Guests access to the Internet
  6. VLAN4 » secured « for IPTV subscription

By Creating this type of network SEPERATION - othwise known as Network segmentation, you will have a much superior experience -- users can GamePlay without impacting any activity other users may need to use, like watching Netflix, YouTube, secure internet shopping, secure internet banking, making and receiving internet phone calls - VoIP or Skype, participating in Video Webinars or any other online events, downloading large files, etc.

Our Special purpose network
start at $750 for our R1 High Performance Residential Network System

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