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Who will KNOCK on your Internet door?

How to effectively Block 600 million plus Bad Guys from invading
your doorway into the Internet?

The objective of our dynamic blacklist system we call MOABMother Of All Blacklists is to proactively prevent intrusion into your Internet connection and onto your local area network from the perpetrators of on-line attacks, on-line service abuse, malware, botnets, command and control servers, ransomware and other cybercrime activities. Our Firewall in conjunction with MOAB adds a highly efficient trap that silently and quickly denies the perpetrators [the Bad Guys] access before they can breach your Internet door, penetrate your local network and cause damage to your computers and other network dependent smart devices.

Guarding your network from the effects of malicious intrusion of unauthorized users and applications begins with solid perimeter and endpoint defenses, and an effective method of access control. The capable Router Firewall Appliance we recommend, install and configure provides that effective method of access control.

Our MOABMother Of All Blacklists subscription service - fully automated and updated 3 times each day because of its very dynamic nature as previously unknown sources get added in - identifies over 600 million unique IP addresses of known malicious or suspicious entities [the Bad Guys] that shouldn't be allowed access to your Internet connection and Network.

How to get MOABMother Of All Blacklists working for YOU utilizing your ISP service

THREE essential capabilities are needed to proactively prevent the Bad Guys from breaching your internet connection and your local network.

  1. a Firewall providing an effective method of access control.
  2. a dynamic blacklist [MOAB] that identifies the Bad Guys via the IP addresses they use
  3. a Router that is extensibledesigned to allow the addition of new capabilities and functionality and has the hardware capability [cpu, memory and storage] to exploit the blacklist in conjunction with the Firewall

The Gateway device your Internet Service Provider supplies you with to be able to access the Internet does not have those three [1,2,3] essential capabilities plus that gateway device has security implications that you may not be aware of - placing your privacy at risk - your ISP provided Gateway enables your ISP's Technical Support personnel to remotely manage the Gateway device and have direct access to your Home Network or any connected devices with or without your knowledge or explicit permission.

By purchasing a capable MikroTik Router Firewall Appliance we recommend that includes our optional MOAB subscription service at US $60 per year - the Firewall appliance we install and configure for your Home or Office will now work utilizing your ISP service to prevent 600 million plus rogue players [the Bad Guys] from invading your Internet connection and your wired and/or wireless Network.

Our capable router Firewall appliances start at $399
includes 1st year MOAB subscription service

Do you want and need this exceptional protection from the Internet Bad Guys?
Phone (613) 828-6611 or » e-mail us «  and we will promptly set you up.

Why use a Firewall and what about NAT ?

Computer Network Systems we build and install for your home and office

run much faster plus work much better and are just safer

IF you're wondering how we identify over 600 million unique IP addresses of known malicious or suspicious entities that we term as the Bad Guys? MOAB is extracted on a daily basis - 3 times each day - from All Cybercrime IP Feeds by FireHOL where that amazing number is derived from. After extraction we specifically engineer the blacklist to work in MikroTik Firewall Appliances and hosted on our web server.

IF you already have a capable MikroTik Router and you would like to subscribe to our MOAB subscription service » e-mail us «  with the information we need based on the prerequisites stated therin for this service to work properly on your router and we will promptly set you up regardless of where on Planet Earth you reside.

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