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High Performance
Wi-Fi Your Business Venue

No Slow Downs, No Delays, No Waiting,
No Dropped Connections, No Freeze-ups
our HPB5 small business system can support up to 50 users
Bed and Breakfast, Beauty Saloon, Restaurant Bar, Bistro, Coffee Shop,
Gym, Insurance Office, Real Estate Office, Auto Dealership, Your Business Venue
covering an area not greater than 3,300 sq ft
or 306 sq m

Computer Network Systems we build and install for your home and office

run much faster plus work much better and are just safer

Why Special purpose network - by creating this type of network segmentation - produces much Superior Performance

Each special network we create for your specific needs will be isolated and secured so as to not interfere with any activity taking place on each special purpose network like one shown below for example.

Wired and/or Wireless

  1.   LAN1 » secured « for Gaming Consoles
  2.   LAN2 » secured « for Private and Business needs
  3. VLAN1 » secured « for Smart Home monitoring devices
  4. VLAN2 » secured « for Voice over IP Telephony needs
  5. VLAN3 » secured « for Guests access to the Internet
  6. VLAN4 » secured « for IPTV subscription

Your patrons can surf the Internet without impacting any activity that staff members may need to use, like interacting with your point-of-sale terminals, internet shopping, internet banking, making and receiving internet phone calls, participating in Webinars or any other online conferencing events, streaming videos, IPTV, downloading large files, etc.

All devices connected to your network system will » respond « much faster'; devices like desktops, laptops, workstations, Apple iPhone's, Apple iPad's, Apple TV, Roku Streaming, Android Phone's, Android devices, Microsoft Windows gear, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Network Printers, Network Storage Devices, Network Security Cameras, all smart devices.

For our HPB5 High Performance WiFi Business Network system
supporting up to 50 user and covering an area
not greater than 3,300 sq ft or 306 sq m
Installed *Price $3,300

consisting of the following:

  1. Ubiquiti EdgeRouter-X have a look
  2. Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 24 Lite have a look
  3. Ubiquiti UAP AC Pro Access Points have a look

    Consists of 2 units - three stream 802.11ac Access Points

  4. Ubiquiti AP Cloudkey Controller [UC-CK] have a look
  5. APC Uninterrupted Power Supply BR1500MS have a look
  6. Our special security configuration tailored to your specific needs
    for VLAN Switch, Router & Firewall, AP Cloudkey Controller
  7. Onsite Installation

To Order the HPB5 system and have it installed contact us at (613) 828 6611
note: no inventory on hand - we require 10 days from order submission to install completion.
non-refundable deposit $2,000 required, balance on install completion and Client sign-off.

Our experience is that most consumer grade mass produced integrated products - like your ISP Gateway for example - do not provide ROBUST seamless integrated capability and functionality. And no matter how good the glowing reports and reviews are for these products, they all continue to have far too many disruptive issues. IT-Expert on Call strives to provide our clients with a stable and secure network environment comprised of robust devices that we know from experience will provide needed reliability, capability|functionality and transparency. Networks we install and support should be invisible once set up correctly. You should just be able to use it whenever and however you want without having to deal with dropped connections, reboots, freeze ups, etc.

Pre-Requisites’: Stable High-Speed Broadband Internet Service » 100Mbps Down, 10Mbps Up

*Cabling installation costs if required are extra and subject to onsite assessment

Need to support more than 50 users?
Ask us about our HPB2 system that can support up to 200 users

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Decide what you need and » e-mail us «  about what you'd like us to do
We would be delighted to help you decide what you need and what you'd like us to do based on a on-site consultation session

IT-Expert on Call Professionals are ready willing and able to expertly deploy it for you

IT-Expert on Call does not maintain a staffed storefront office
All access to our resources is by appointment only made either by
Phone (613) 828-6611 or (613) 762-8018 or  » e-mail us « 

Based in Nepean, Ontario, Canada servicing the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton plus we offer remote services within Canada and the Continental U.S.A where broadband internet service is available.

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